Congratulations to Dr. Wanqing Lyu for a successful defense!

June 22, 2022

Many congratulations to Dr. Wanqing Lyu, who defended earlier today! Her thesis titled “Abl2 regulates microtubule dynamics through interactions with lattice and dimers” encapsulates several important landmark discoveries she has made in both the Abl tyrosine kinase and MT fields.  Wanqing is a prime example of someone who is fiercly dedicated to her research, her labmates, and her family. She has shown all of us in the lab what it means to not just be a creative, independent scientist, but an individual who is committed to fostering a positive lab environment by mentoring others and demonstrating the significance of collaborating with people internally and externally. You will go on to do great things from here, Wanqing! The Koleske Lab is so grateful to have had you, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.